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What is a Lightroom preset?


Can I edit a photo myself if I use a preset?
You can always adjust a photo with your chosen preset to your wishes, sometimes it is even necessary to make small adjustments to get the best result. Consider, for example, the lighting or the contrast. You can easily adjust these yourself for the best result.
Can I download my purchase unlimited?

Yes you can download your purchases as many times as you want. But keep in mind to save your files on your desktop or mobile immediately after downloading to avoid losing the files.


Can I also use the presets in photoshop?

Lightroom presets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom. Unfortunately there is no option (yet) to use this in photoshop.


Install Presets
Where can I download my Presets?

When your payment has been completed you will receive an email with a download link. In addition, you can always find your downloads under ‘DOWNLOADS’ in your Pixgrade account.

Which app do I need to use the presets?

Pixgrade presets are developed for Adobe Lightroom. You can download the free Lightroom app in the app store for both iPhone and Android. The app also works on your tablet.

Unfortunately, you must purchase a paid version of Adobe for desktop to use Lightroom.

Android App

Iphone App

Lightroom voor Desktop/ Laptop 

I can't open my download – what should I do?

Can’t open the download or can’t download the file? Then try another web browser. Is this still not working? please contact us:


How do I install the presets?

On our ”installation” page you will find a step-by-step plan for installing the presets for both mobile and desktop. You can find both an installation video and written manual here.

Presets installeren op Android 

Presets installeren op Iphone

Presets installeren op Desktop


When I open the files I see nothing or a white image – how is this possible?
If you want to open the Preset files outside of Lightroom you will see an empty document, this is because you can only open the files in Lightroom. Need help opening and installing your files? You can find our installation tutorials here.
Can I return my purchase?

You cannot return your purchase (digital download) once you have downloaded it. If you have changed your mind and have not yet downloaded the file, you can cancel your purchase.

If you’ve made a purchase and haven’t downloaded it yet, you can request a cancellation. Send your request to support@lightroomking.com (make sure you state your order number). We will make sure that you receive a message within 7 working days. If you have already downloaded the product, unfortunately we cannot accept a return.

I'm not happy with my order – what should I do?

Not happy with the presets you ordered? or do you need help adjusting the presets to your liking? Please contact us (support@lightroomking.com), we will be happy to find a solution together with you.

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